Urad dal coconut chutney

Urad dal coconut chutney

Urad dal coconut chutney is mostly we have it with rice rava upma /Mudda kudumulu / undrallu, by adding roasted urad dal to this  chutney will enhance the flavor, you can replace the coconut with mint leaves but you should dry roast the leaves first. If you fried the coconut pieces the chutney will stay for a day. let’s see the procedure to make this spicy, tangy chutney.

[recipe title=”Urad dal coconut chutney” servings=”4-6″ time=”15mins” difficulty=”easy”]


Fresh coconut25 grams
Urad dal3 Tbsp
Tamarindmarble size
Dry chili6-8
Saltto taste
Waterto grind


Procedure :-

Dry roast all the above ingredients one at a time except salt and water, add the roasted dal, coconut, tamarind and dry chilies in a mixer jar, add salt as per your taste, grind it coarsely, add water to adjust the consistency you like and grind it into coarse paste, coconut urad dal chutney is now ready to serve with Mudda kudumulu / undrallu






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