Tricolor momos

The republic day is around the corner, so I made this Tricolor momos, to achieve saffron and green color I added carrot puree for saffron and spinach/palak puree for green color. I though that the puree from veggies may taste different compare to the normal momos but it taste exactly same not even a hint of flavor or taste in the green and saffron momos. Kids loved it very much, the momos stuffed with cabbage filling. Whenever I make this momos my kids eagerly wait for the chocolate momos, OMG they are so…good, I chop up the dark chocolate compound / dairy milk chocolate and stuff in the momos. The hot momos with oozing chocolate filling is just amazing.

Let’s see the procedure for Tricolor momos,

[recipe title=”Tricolor momos ” servings=”5-6″ time=”60mins” difficulty=”easy”]


For stuffing:-

Cabbage1 kg
Ginger1 thumb
Green chili1
Butter2 tbsp
Saltto taste

For saffron color momos sheet:-

All purpose flour / maida1 cup
Oil1 tsp
Saltto taste

For white color momos sheet:-

All purpose flour / maida1 cup
Oil1 tsp
Saltto taste

For green color momos sheet:-

Spinach / palakhalf cup
All purpose flour / maida1 cup
Oil1 tsp
Saltto taste


For stuffing:-

Grate the cabbage, onion, ginger and green chili. Pre-heat a wide pan on medium heat and add the butter, grated veggies and cook till all the moisture evaporates, add salt and mix well. It took around 5 minutes to cook, once it done switch off the stove and allow it to come to room temperature.

For green momos sheet:-

Clean and wash the palak / spinach.  Chop it and add into a pan, cook it for 1 minute, once it cool grind it in the blender into puree. Add the spinach puree in a bowl and add the flour, salt and knead the dough and make into stiff dough, don’t add excess water. Add little more or less flour to make into stiff dough. Add oil and knead well and keep it aside.

For saffron momos sheet :-

Peel and chop the carrots and pressure cook for 3 whistles. Puree the carrots without adding excess water. Add the puree in the bowl add flour, salt and knead it into stiff dough, add the oil and knead well and keep it aside.

For white momos sheet:-

Add the flour,salt in a mixing bowl and knead a stiff dough by adding enough water and keep it aside.

Now take a marble size of a dough and roll it into a thin sheet, place the stuffing in the middle and make into momos. Place the prepared momos into a greased steamer plate and steam it for 5 minutes, serve it hot with spicy red chili chutney.



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