Tamarind String hoppers

Tamarind string hopper

Tamarind string hoppers,
String hoppers / Idiyappam / sandavai / Indian rice noodles are one of the traditional recipes in our family. We usually made this recipe  on special occasion. The main reason we don’t make this recipe often is, it’s really time-consuming and needs 2 persons to prepare the string hoppers. Some people make this recipe using  murukku presser but we traditionally use the below method to make this recipe. Though it’s time-consuming, we love to make this recipe now and then. With the basic string hopper, we make lots of varieties by adding different flavors and ingredients. Here I’m going to explain how to make plain string hoppers and add seasoned tamarind to make it into Tamarind string hoppers.
Let’s see the procedure,
[recipe title=”Tamarind string hoppers” servings=”4-5″ time=”60mins” difficulty=”medium”]


String hoppers:-

Idly rice1 ½  cup
Saltto taste
Waterto grind

Dal string hoppers:-

Tamarindlemon size
Oil2 tbsp
Mustard seeds¼ th tsp
Urad dal1 tsp
Chana dal1 tsp
Curry leaves1 sprig
Dry red chilies2-3
Turmeric powder¼ th tsp
Grated coconut4 tbsp
Jaggerysmall piece
Saltto taste


Soak the idli rice over night, next day drain the excess water from the rice and add it into the grinder. Add sufficient water and grind it into dosa batter consistency.
Add salt to the batter and pour the batter into the greased idli molds and steam it for 10 minutes.
Demold the idly’s into a bowl and make idly’s with rest of the batter.
Into the string hopper presser, add 2-3 idly at a time and press it and keep it aside.
Plain string hoppers are ready, you can make lots of varieties using this.

To make Tamarind string hoppers, soak the Tamarind and set it aside.
Place a pan on medium heat and add oil, once the oil is hot enough add the mustard seeds, wait till it pops.
Now add the urad dal, chana dal, curry leaves, dry red chilies. Once it fried well add tamarind extract and jaggery. Mix well and cook till it becomes a thick paste.
Place the plain string hopper in a large plate add the prepared tamarind mixer and mix it gently.
Garnish it with grated coconut. Adjust the salt and serve it with coconut chutney / pickle.




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