Sweet mung bean Idly upma

Sweet mung bean idly upma, mung bean/split yellow mung bean/pesarapappu/pasi paruppu/moong dal. In our family we call this recipe as seeralam and pesarapappu puttu/pittu in In-laws. Whatever the name may have but the taste is the matters, isn’t it ? I heard that this recipe passes over generation and it is really close to my heart.
Whenever we make seeralam as breakfast, we make both sweet and savoury. Do check the savoury seeralam recipe also.

Let’s see the procedure for sweet seeralam,
[recipe title=”Sweet mung bean idly upma” servings=”4-5″ time=”30mins” difficulty=”easy”]


Split yellow mung bean2 cups
Chana dalhandful
Ghee2 tsp
Coconut½ cup
Sugarto taste
Cardamom powderpinch


Soak the dals over night, Next day morning wash and grind the dal coarsely with enough water.
Add 1 tsp of salt in the batter and mix well, prepare and grease the idly molds and pour the batter evenly and steam it for 10 minutes or insert a knife in to the idly, if it comes out clean then your idly’s are done.
Allow it to cool naturally for 5 minutes, the demold it and set it aside.
Once the idly’s cool down naturally, crumble it.
I reserve three fourth of the crumbled mixture for savoury seeralam.
Place a wide pan on medium heat, add ghee, broken cashew and fry well.
Add the grated coconut, crumbled idly’s, cardamom powder and sugar.
Mix well and serve it.



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