Sweet corn salsa

Sweet corn salsa

Sweet corn salsa/corn salsa is simple yet tasty recipe. The smoky flavor from roasted corn and capsicum takes this simple recipe into next level. It’s tangy and spicy,   goes well with nachos / you can make them into roll-ups, by adding roasted cottage cheese, mayo and ketchup.

Let’s see the ingredients and method,



Sweet corn3
Green bell pepper/capsicum2
Onionslarge 2
Tomatoeslarge 2
Green chilies1
Coriander leaveshandful
Saltto taste
Pepperto taste


To make sweet corn salsa,
Roast the bell peppers / capsicum on open flame. Place the roasted capsicum on a plate and cover it with bowl and keep it aside, by covering the capsicum, helps to remove the skin easier.
Now roast the corn and deseed  it as shown in the picture. Peel and cut the capsicum and add them in a bowl, add the corn kernels, add  finely chopped onion, green chilies, tomatoes and coriander leaves, mix well.
Squeeze in the lemons, add salt  and pepper as per your taste and serve.

Pictorial :-


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