Stuffed garlic bread

stuffed garlic bread

Kid’s & adults favorite garlic bread, my kids like Stuffed garlic bread, it’s best to make there favorite food at home, we can make them healthier and taster, once you make this recipe you will never prefer the store bought one, I stuffed it with lots of  veggies and cheese. Perfect evening snack, along with hot hot soup, its a complete bliss . You can make them without stuffing also, just follow the procedure and skip the stuffing, you will get simple garlic bread.

Lets see the procedure,

Ingredients :-

For bread :-

Maida / all purpose flour3 cups
Active dry yeast2½ tsp
Sugar2 tsp
Salt2 tsp
Olive oil / butter2 tbsp

Italian seasoning:-

Dry chili1
Dried Oregano1 tbsp
Dried Basil1 tbsp
Pepper corns1 tsp
Salt1 tsp

For garlic flavor:-

Olive oil4 tbsp

For stuffing:-

Frozen sweet corn1 cup
Capsicum/ bell pepper1
Mozzarella cheese200 grams
Cheddar cheese200 grams



In a small bowl add around 1 cup of warm water and sprinkle yeast over the water along with sugar and keep it aside .
Meanwhile in a large bowl add all purpose flour / maida ,  salt , mix well .
Now make a well in the flour and add the yeast mixture (the yeast should be frothy,if not discard it and redo the 1 step ) , Knead the dough ,add warm water if needed .The dough should be little bit sticky .Knead well for 10-15 minutes , olive oil / butter and knead it again .Apply little olive on the dough and keep it aside for 45-60 minutes / until it double in size.
In a mixer jar add  dry chili and grind it coarsely, in the same jar add oregano, basil, pepper corns and salt ,again grind it coarsely and keep it aside.
Now in another mixer jar add 2 whole garlic peeled and grind it along with olive oil and keep it aside.
After 1 hour the dough will be double in size, now add the half of the prepared Italian mix powder and garlic paste and knead the dough with ¼ th cup of maida/ all purpose flour .
Divide the dough in 4 parts, take 1 part (1 part will make into 2 garlic breads)and keep the rest of the dough aside.
Divide the 1 part of the dough into 2 equal parts, roll it and place it on the greased baking pan add fillings of your choice and some mozzarella cheese in one end and cover it with other end brush it with olive oil and sprinkle the Italian seasoning and bake it in the pre-heated oven @ 220 degree c in the middle rack for 10-15 minutes and serve it hot with ketchup / cheese dip.








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