Sambar vada

Sambar vada is authentic south Indian recipe, I ate sambar vada in many restaurants and always wanted to make them at home. To be frank I never tried it before, I used to put my leftover vadas in the sambar but it’s not the same that we get from hotels. Few days back my younger sister-in-law said that she tried sambar vada and it is really yummy. So I tried it and it is out of the world, here is my recipe for soft, juicy sambar vada  :-), you can use your favorite sambar, here is my  Sambar recipe. Here I’m going to show the recipe, some tips and tricks to make perfect vada for sambar vada.


[recipe title=”Sambar vada ” servings=”5-6″ time=”60mins” difficulty=”medium”]

Ingredients :-

Urad dal2 cups
Water1 ½ cup
Saltto taste
Onions2 big
Curry leaves2  sprigs
Green chilies3-4
Baking powderpinch




Soak the urad dal overnight, next day grind the dal in the grinder by adding the water into smooth batter, don’t add too much water while grinding. Now add the chopped onions, green chilies, curry leaves, salt and baking powder, mix well. Now wet your hands and take a dollop of prepared batter in your hand and make into vada shape, gently slide it into medium hot oil and fry it till they are golden.

Meanwhile prepare your  Sambar , divide the sambar into two portions and reserve one, in another portion of sambar add 2 cups of water and adjust the salt and chili powder and bring it to boil. Now add the crispy vadas in the thin sambar, let it soak for few minutes, take the vadas out of the sambar and reserve it. Do the rest of the vadas as same manner.

While serving pour the thick sambar over the soaked vadas and garnish it with coriander leaves.








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