Raw tamarind pulihora

Raw tamarind pulihora is one of the easiest recipe, tastier too… This is the right season to make this awesome rice dish, you can find this tender raw tamarind in your local market. In Andhra Pradesh and  Telangana, they make lots of recipes using raw tamarind like dal, chutney and so on….Its more or less similar to lemon rice, by adding this tender tamarind it takes this simple dish to another level.

Let’s see the procedure,



Raw tender tamarind100 grams
Cooked rice2 cups
Oil3 tbsp
Mustard seeds½ tsp
Dry chili1
Green chili4
Chana dal½ tsp
Urad dal½ tsp
Pea nutshandful
Curry leaves1 sprig
Turmeric powder¼ tsp
Saltto taste






First wash and dry the tender tamarind, cut them into small pieces , add it in the mixer jar and grind it well and keep it aside. Cook the rice and keep it aside for cooling. Place a heavy bottom pan on a medium heat, add oil, let it sit for few seconds. Once the oil is hot enough add mustard seeds, peanuts, dry chili, green chili, curry leaves, urad dal and chana dal. Fry well till the lentils are golden.
Now add the ground tender tamarind paste, saute it for 1 minute  add turmeric powder and salt, switch off the flame and then add the cooked rice. Adjust the seasoning as per your preference and serve it. It taste good as it is, if you want you can serve it with some crispy fries.







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