Potato smileys

Potato smileys are everyone favorite snack, Its cheaper then ready to eat packets that available in the stores and healthier too. You can prepare them ahead of time and deep fry it later, the recipe exactly same as the store bought one, so kids will never ask you to buy one . It is really  a flexible recipe, you can add cheese or other seasoning  of your choice.


[recipe title=”Potato smiles” servings=”4-6″ time=”60mins” difficulty=”easy”]


Potatoes500 grams
Rice flour½ cup
Chili powder2 tsp
Oregano (optional)½ tsp
Basil (optional)½ tsp
Saltas per your taste
Oilfor deep frying

Procedure :-

Cook ,peel and mash the potatoes ( i used murukku maker/press to mash the potatoes).
Add rice flour, chili powder, basil and oregano and salt as per your taste.
Knead well and place it in the freezer for 15 -20 minutes.Take equal size of balls out of the potato mixture and press it gently and make them into smiley’s using  straw/wooden skewer and spoon. (YOU CAN KEEP IT IN THE FREEZER AND DEEP FRY THEM LATER ALSO)
Now deep fry them in medium hot oil and serve them with ketchup.
You can also add flavoring of your choice and make them into potato bites.
NOTE:-If it break while deep frying add little more flour,first test it with one smiley and adjust the seasoning and flour accordingly.





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