Muskmelon milkshake

Simple, quick yet tasty Muskmelon/cantaloupe milkshake to beat this summer. The muskmelon contains a lot of water, which keeps you hydrate. The fruit itself taste delicious, I love to eat as it is or with some sugar/jaggery. It’s smells even delicious, I had half of the fruit while preparing and end up preparing another one. Summer is almost here and you find the markets filled with watermelons, muskmelon, palm fruit etc. I love fresh homemade fruit juice as they are loaded with nutrients. Who doesn’t like chilled tasty milkshake on a hot summer day. This juice is healthy, refreshing, soothing and is an excellent summer coolant.
Let’s see the procedure,

[recipe title=”Muskmelon milkshake” servings=”4-5″ time=”20mins” difficulty=”easy”]


Sugarto taste
Milk1 cup



Choose good quality muskmelon, some melons are bitter,  so taste it before buying one.
Cut the melon in half and scoop the seeds out.
Now cut them in to quarters and peel them.
If there is any peel/skin left, the milkshake taste bitter, so peel the skin properly.
Add the peeled melon pieces in a blender along with sugar and blend it well.
Add the milk to adjust the thickness and serve it cold.

  • Don’t discard the seeds, wash it well and dry it. You can add them in curries while grinding masala.
    Add sugar as per your taste.
    If you want thicker milkshake add a splash of milk, you can even add vanilla ice cream while blending it.
    Don’t add sugar, if you are adding ice cream.


cantaloupe/muskmelon excellent source Vitamin A,C, with other nutrients at a negligible level. Melons are 90% water. It control Blood pressure, strengthens eyesight, helps in weight loss and so on… source Wikipedia.

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