Mung bean salad

Mung bean salad is quick and healthy snack or starter, the mung bean is rich in protein. You feel filled with just one cup of this tasty salad, you can replace the mung bean with other beans also. This recipe is really flexible, you can add or avoid as many veggies as you need.
Let’s see the procedure for Mung bean salad,

[recipe title=”Mung bean salad” servings=”4-6″ time=”20mins” difficulty=”easy”]

Ingredients :-

Mung bean / green moong dal2 cups
Cabbage100 grams
Green chili1
Chat masalato taste
Pepper powderto taste
Lemon juiceto taste
Saltto taste
Coriander leaveshandful



Soak the Mung beans overnight ( you can use sprouted beans also ), sprinkle some water and salt in the beans and cook in the pressure cooker for 3 whistles.
Mean while prepare the veggies, fine chop the onion, tomato, green chili and cucumber. Grate the carrot and thin slice the cabbage.
Now add the veggies in the cooked mung beans ( discard the water from the cooked beans).
Add lemon juice, chat masala, pepper powder and salt.
Mix well and garnish it with chopped coriander leavesย and serve.



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