Molten lava cake

Molten lava cake is really famous and you can see every restaurant has its own version of it, a long time ago I saw this recipe in “Do it sweet” in NDTV good times by famous chef Vicky Ratnani, I wrote the recipe in my food journal but I never tried it. After a month or so I tasted Molten lava cake from Domino’s and the remembered the recipe that I wrote in my diary and later that weekend I tried it and it turned out really tasty. Delicious chocolate cake with ooey gooey center its heaven for a chocolate lover.
Let’s see the procedure for this ooey gooey delicious molten lava cake,
[recipe title=”Molten lava cake” servings=”4-6″ time=”30mins” difficulty=”easy”]


Dark chocolate150 grams
Butter90 grams
Egg yolk2
Powdered sugar100 grams
All purpose flour / maida35 grams



Add dark chocolate along with butter in a sauce pan, place the pan on a double boiler and melt the chocolate and butter and keep it aside.

In another bowl add egg yolks, whole eggs and whisk it well, once the eggs are frothy add the powdered sugar, whisk well.

Now add the melted butter and chocolate in the egg mixture and whisk it again.

Now add all-purpose flour/maida and gently fold in to the chocolate mixture. Once the flour is well combined place the batter in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

Pre-heat the oven @ 180 degree c, now pour the prepared batter in a cupcake mold and bake them @ 180 degree for up-to 15-20 minutes. (the center of the cake should be gooey)

Once they are done leave them in the counter top for 2 minutes and then flip it in the serving plate and serve with ice-cream.





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