Leftover rice cheese balls

This Leftover rice cheese balls are one of the best way to use the leftover rice. Actual recipe was made with leftover pasta (white sauce/ Béchamel sauce pasta) around 4 cups, I love to add frozen sweet corn in my white pasta. I refrigerate leftover pasta, next day the pasta become quite thick,I mashed it well then added breadcrumbs and deep fried it, it turned out really yum. Then few days later I tried it with leftover rice , cheese and corn. It taste as yummier as pasta one.


Let’s see the procedure,


Cooked rice1 cup
Frozen sweetcorn¼ th cup
Rusk powder1 cup
Bread3-4 slices
Cheddar cheesehandful
mozzarella  cheesehandful
Dried basil¼ th tsp
Dried oregano¼ th tsp
Saltto taste
Pepper powderto taste
Oilfor deep frying



In a large bowl add leftover rice and mash it with your palms,add frozen sweet corns, grated cheddar and mozzarella cheese , dried basil and oregano, add bread slices mash well, salt and pepper as per your taste ( cheese contain lots of salt, so add salt accordingly)
Mix everything and make into desire shape and keep it aside.Now roll the prepared cheese balls in rusk powder / bread crumbs and keep it aside.
In a small bowl add 2 tbsp of all purpose flour / maida add water mix well and keep it aside.
Now dip the prepared cheese balls in the prepared batter and roll it again in the bread crumbs.At this stage you can store them in the fridge and deep fry them later , it stay well for 2 days.You can also freeze them.
Now deep fry them in the hot oil and serve it with ketchup.
Note :- This recipe is really flexible, you add or avoid anything you want.


Pictorial :-


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