Ivy gourd kootu

Kootu is one of the famous Tamil Nadu side dishes, there are lots of  ways to prepare kootu.  The main ingredient in this kootu is coconut and fennel seed paste, this is what make this curry different from other side dishes. It goes well with rasam rice, if you make this curry into spicy then you can have it with ghee rice along with papad also. You can replace the Ivy gourd/ దొండకాయ in Telugu, கோவைக்காய் in Tamil and tindora in Hindi with brinjal, snake gourd, bottle gourd or you can add all veggies and make into mixed veggie kootu. Ivy gourd kootu is so tender and packed with flavors, it’s a must try a recipe.
Let’s see the procedure,
[recipe title=”Ivy gourd kootu” servings=”4-5″ time=”40mins” difficulty=”easy”]


Ivy gourd   500 grams
Chana dal   3 tbsp
Moong dal   2 tbsp
Onion   1 small
Tomato   1 small
Coconut   ¼th cup
Fennel seeds   1 ½ tsp
Chili powder   ½ tsp
Coriander powder   ½ tsp
turmeric powder   pinch
Oil   4 tbsp
Mustard seeds   ½ tsp
Curry leaves   1 sprig
Coriander leaves   for garnish
Salt   to taste
Water   1 cup


Place a wide pan over medium heat, add oil once the oil is hot enough add mustard seeds, allow it to pop.
Add curry leaves and hing mix it well then add the washed and chopped Ivy gourd, washed dals and mix it well, add water and cover the pan with its lid.
Once the gourd and dal cooked well, add the chopped onions and tomatoes, mix it well and once again cover the pan and cook.
Meanwhile, add the coconut and fennel seeds in the mixer jar and add sufficient water and grind it into a smooth paste and keep it aside.
Now open the lid and give it a stir, add the chili, coriander and turmeric powder and fry well.
Add the coconut and fennel paste, salt and cook till the raw smell gone, add water if needed.
Garnish the kootu with coriander leaves and serve it hot with rasam rice.

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