Crispy corn

Crispy corn is one of the popular starter, that most of us order in restaurants, when you pop some crispy corn in your mouth, it’s crispy outside and juicy inside makes you to go for another spoon, home-made crispy corn will be the great surprise to your guest, friends and  family. Kids love crispy corn, make them fresh at home and enjoy with your family.



Sweet corn500 grams
Maida/all-purpose flour4 tbsp
Corn flour4 tbsp
Saltas per your taste
Pepperas per your taste
Oilfor deep frying

For second coating:-

Waterfor batter
Maida/all-purpose flour ½ cup
Saltas per your taste
Pepperas per your taste

For seasoning :-

Chili powder½ tsp
Chat masala½ tsp





In a bowl add  all-purpose flour / maida,  corn flour, salt and pepper powder as per your taste,  mix well, now add enough water to make into a thin batter. Add  frozen sweet corn (half at a time), mix well until the batter coats each sweet corn kernel.
In a wide plate add  maida / all-purpose flour,  corn flour, salt and pepper as per your taste, mix well and keep it aside.
Now remove the sweet corn kernels from the wet batter and add into the prepared dry mixture, using your fingers coat the dry flour mixture evenly ,now remove the kernels and add them in a strainer, shake well to remove the excess flour.
Deep fry the prepared sweet corn in medium heat oil, once it done remove from the oil,place the fried sweet corn in tissue paper/ kitchen towel to remove excess oil , now add chat masala , chili powder as per your taste , toss it well and serve.

Pictorial :-

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