Chocolate custard

Chocolate custard is very silky and smooth in texture, make this chocolate custard recipe to your loved ones on valentine’s day / just for you. It’s really simple dessert and rich in chocolate, it just melts in your mouth. I’m sure that everyone will impressed after tasting this silky, wobbly chocolate custard.

Let’s see the recipe for this yummy dessert,

[recipe title=”Chocolate custard ” servings=”3-4″ time=”50mins” difficulty=”easy”]


Powdered sugar6 tbsp
Coco powder4 tbsp
Milk500 ml
Milk/dark chocolatefor garnishing


In a bowl add eggs and whisk well, add powdered sugar, add good quality cocoa powder, whisk well. Now add milk (room temp), whisk it well (if you have patience add the mixture in the mixer jar and blitz it for few seconds or you can use hand blender for the whole process), taste the custard mixture and add sugar powder if needed.

Now strain the milk and cocoa mixture in a bowl, loosely cover the bowl with foil. Steam it for 15-20 minutes, after 15 minutes insert a tooth pick in the custard and the tooth pick come out with little chocolate(the center of the custard will be wobbly).

Place the custard in the freezer for 20 minutes, serve it with chocolate syrup / melted chocolate / chocolate ganache.

Note :- to bake it in the microwave, power high for 6-7 minutes.

In OTG oven pour water in a baking tray and place the custard in the middle and bake for 180 degree c for 25-30 minutes.

For egg less :- Add 1 tbsp of corn flour / custard powder .




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