Checkerboard cake

Checkerboard cake

Checkerboard cake is quite famous on the internet. So far I been watched hundreds of videos on Facebook, some of them like a rainbow checkerboard , others with random colors and there is no end. I got inspired by this cake but I’m not sure how it’s gonna turn out for me. So the recipe has been postponing and finally I tried it. It was really simple, I used my vanilla and chocolate cake recipe and frosted with Chocolate ganache. The cake is really light, moist and it just melts in your mouth.
Let’s see the recipe,
[recipe title=”Checkerboard” servings=”4-5″ time=”60mins” difficulty=”easy”]


Chocolate cake 1
Vanilla cake 1
Chocolate ganache 600 grams



Place the chocolate cake and the vanilla cake in the freezer for about 20 minutes. After chilling the cake divide the cake into even slices, the chilled cake gets lesser crumbs while slicing. I sliced into two if you want you can slice it into three or four slices. Now take a vanilla slice, using a smaller bowl and cut into a circle and place another small bowl, smaller than the before bowl and cut it. Repeat the process for chocolate cake and set it aside. Please refer the pictorial for reference. Now take outer vanilla ring cake and place it on the cake board, place the middle chocolate cake ring into the cavity, place the inner circle vanilla cake. Now you get white, brown, white pattern cake slice. Add thin frosting and arrange each layer accordingly. Now frost the entire cake and chill it for 30 minutes. After it chilled frost it well and serve.


Pictorial :-


Here is quick peak on the entire process.

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