Tamarind string hopper

Tamarind String hoppers

Tamarind string hoppers, String hoppers / Idiyappam / sandavai / Indian rice noodles are one of the traditional recipes in our family. We usually made this recipe  on special occasion. The main reason we don’t[…]

Mung bean idly upma

Mung bean idly upma, mung bean/split yellow mung bean/pesarapappu/pasi paruppu/moong dal. In our family we call this recipe as seeralam and pesarapappu puttu/pittu in In-laws. Whatever the name may have but the taste is the[…]

Idly podi

Idly podi is the mixture of roasted pulses grind it into fine powder. It’s an essential for any south Indian breakfast. It may look simple but it spicy and crunchy texture tingle your taste buds.[…]