Candy cane cookie

Candy cane cookie’s are best for Christmas, kids love these cookies, its buttery and it’s just melt in your mouth, this cookie dough is really flexible you can customize  them easily. Add different color and kids really love colorful cookies.

I found this recipe on you tube “Laura in the kitchen “, here is the link for her recipe .

[recipe title=” Candy cane cookie ” servings=”5-6″ time=”40 mins” difficulty=”easy”]


All purpose flour / maida3 cups
Baking powder½ tsp
Butter¾ th cup
Sugar1 cup
Vanilla essence½ tsp
Food colorred few drops



In a bowl add maida / all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt , mix well and keep it aside.

In another bowl add unsalted butter soften to room temperature, 1 cup of sugar ( powdered ) , blend well using blender,now add eggs and splash of vanilla essence, blend it again till its well combined.

Now add the flour mixture in the butter and egg mixture and blend till its form a dough ( don’t over mix ) , divide the cookie dough in equal portion and keep it in separate bowls, in one bowl of dough add pink /red food color (your choice ) mix it till the food color combined well .

Now take about tbsp of dough from each and roll them in thin strips, place them together and give it a little twist and make them into a candy cane shape, place them on the cookie tray and bake them at pre-heated oven at 180 degree Celsius for 15 minutes ( small cookies take 10 minutes). Once it done place them in wire rack and let them cool completely, store them in air tight container.





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