Bottle gourd muffins

Recently I saw a zucchini bread recipe online , a veggie muffin 8-O!!! That is really amazing and the recipe got my attention.  Zucchini is quite expensive around here and may not be available all the time.  😥 I was thinking for a good alternative to make these wonderful muffin.
One fine day I went to local market, the shopkeeper was selling this really tender… bottle gourds. That’s it. I found my alternative for zucchini , hooray ….happy dancing me  🙂  . Next day I made this super moist, fluffy, spicy bottle gourd + apple muffins loaded with delicious ingredients.
It’s time to Bake bottle gourd muffins…….

Ingredients to make muffins:-

Grated bottle gourd1 cup
Sugar¾ th cup
Brown sugar½ th cup
Cinnamon2 inch
Oil½ cup
Dark/milk chocolatehandful
All purpose flour / maida1 ½ cup
baking powder1 ½ tsp
Nutmeg¼ th tsp

Method :-

I took this tender bottle gourd and washed it thoroughly , peeled and grated the gourd to 1 cup and I kept it aside. Next comes the apple. I scrubbed, peeled chopped into pieces and ground it in the food processor. Make sure that apple pieces are not too smooth or chunky.
I added the sugar and cinnamon stick in the food processor and grounded it into fine powder ( if you have cinnamon powder , be my friend add it around 1/2 tsp) . Now i took a large bowl and added the following ingredients powdered sugar, oil, eggs and i whisked it well.

I added the flour and baking powder in the sifter and sifted  directly into the bowl. Don’t sift all the flour. Here is a little tip:

mix little flour in the nuts and chocolate chips and then add it to the batter. Nuts and chocolate chips spread evenly.
I tossed the chocolate chips and nuts in the remaining flour and added back in the bowl. gently mixed the batter. Don’t forgot to pre-heat your oven at 190º C. Now prepare the muffin tray/cupcake mold. Fill the batter equally.
Placed it in the pre-heated oven at 190 ºC for 20 minutes. Every oven differs in size and watts. So keep an eye on the muffins after 10 minutes. The easiest way to check – if you touch the muffin on the top it shouldn’t stick to your fingers or try the toothpick / skewer inserted in the middle of a muffin come out clean. If under-cooked, bake it again for 5 minutes and check for every 2 minutes. If it’s overcooked you don’t get the soft texture. So keep an eye…



The interesting part of the recipe is no one in the family found that bottle gourd is in the muffins.  😆  😆

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