Banana fritters

Banana fritters are a famous snack in Kerala and some parts of Tamil Nadu. The banana used in this recipe is found abundant in Kerala, this variety is known as Nendran pazham. You can use a different kind also. But this particular type of banana contain mild sweet and tangy, it’s really a firm fruit. If you find the Nendran pazham don’t miss it.

[recipe title=”Banana fritters” servings=”4-5″ time=”30mins” difficulty=”easy”]


All purpose flour / maida 1 cup
Rice flour ½ cup
Sugar 2 tbsp
Salt ¾th tsp
Baking powder pinch
Turmeric ¾th tsp
Banana (Nendran pazham)  4
Oil to fry


In a bowl add the flour’s, sugar, salt. baking powder and salt, add water little at a time and make into a thick batter. The batter should stick to the fruit while dipping. Peel and cut the banana as shown in the pictures. Dip one piece at a time in the batter and deep fry them in medium hot oil. Once it turned golden transfer it to the colander and serve it hot as a tea teatime snack.





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